General Listening Quiz

"Water Conservation - Script"

Listening Exercise

Listen to the recording on water conservation and read along with the conversation. Review the key vocabulary and the sample sentences.

Marie: Hey, Andrew. Stop wasting water! Turn the shower off!

Andrew: What? I can't hear you! I have the shower running.

Marie: Yes, exactly.

Andrew: What? Oh, okay. I can hear you now. What do you want?

Marie: Listen. You were in the shower for more than half an hour. That is more than enough water for 10 people. I mean, don't you care about the planet? You used at least 60 gallons of water. That is a terrible waste.

Andrew: I wasn't in the shower THAT long.

Marie: Yes you were. I timed you.

Andrew: You timed me?

Marie: Yes, yes. I timed you. Our water bill was astronomical last month. [ Really?], and you don't pay for any of it. It was a hundred and thirteen dollars ($113). And it's going up. [ Really? ] I . . . I mean, I know you lost your job, but I am not made of money. Please be careful. I mean, at least, maybe you could take one of your showers at the gym when you go in the morning. I . . . I don't know how you can afford gym membership when you can't pay rent. Please be careful. Okay?

Andrew: Okay, sorry sis.

Vocabulary and Sample Sentences

  • exactly (adverb): used to say something is accurate or correct 
    - Mark: So, we need to be more careful with the water.
    - MariaExactly. I'm glad you agree.
  • gallon (noun): 3.785 liters 
    This toilet uses about two gallons of water every time you flush it.
  • astronomical (adjective): very, very high or expensive 
    - The price of clean drinking water can be astronomical in some places in the world.
  • be made of money (verb phrase): be very rich 
    - Listen. I'm not made of money, so we can't spend our money carelessly.
  • afford (verb): have enough money to pay for something 
    - Right now, we can't afford a new washing machine, so we'll have to use the old one for awhile.