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General Listening Quiz

“Street Market – Script”

Listening Exercise

Listen to the recording on street markets and read along with the conversation. Review the key vocabulary and the sample sentences.

Merchant: Well hi there. What are you looking for today?

Customer: Uh, I’m just looking.

Merchant: Well, how about a ring for someone special?

Customer: There IS no one special.

Merchant: Well, take a look at this CD player. A great bargain today only.

Customer: Nah. I already have one, plus the handle is cracked.

Merchant: Okay. Well what about this genuine leather jacket? It would look great on you.

Customer: Hum. Let me take a look at it.

Merchant: Sure.

Customer: Umm. There are stains on the sleeves. I’ll pass.

Merchant: Well okay. Well, wouldn’t you like to walk home with some of these great records? Some of the best hits from the 1960’s.

Customer: Yeah, let’s see. [Yeah] Now here’s something I’d . . . Ah, these records are scratched.

Merchant: [Laughter] Oh, well, just in a couple places. Listen. I’ll sell you these ten records for fifty dollars. A steal!

Customer: Whoa! They’re way too expensive. I’ll give you twenty-five bucks for them.

Merchant: Ah, come on. I can’t charge you less than thirty dollars and break even.

Customer: Well, that guy over there is selling similar records for a much better price [Ah!], so thanks anyway.

Merchant: Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. You drive a hard bargain. Twenty-eight dollars, and that’s my final offer.

Customer: Huh . . . I’ll think about it.

Merchant: Wait, wait, wait, wait. Listen. I’ll even throw in this vase.

Customer: Now what am I going to do with a vase?

Merchant: Well, you can give it to that someone special when you find her. . . and this ring would look great with it.

Customer: Oh, I’ll stick with the records

Vocabulary and Sample Sentences

  • steal (noun): a great bargain
    – For only $10, that radio is a steal.
  • buck (noun): one dollar (informal)
    – Hey. Can you loan me a few bucks until the end of the week?
  • break even (verb): end up with no profit or loss at the end of some business activity
    – Business was good yesterday at the store, but in the end, we barely broke even.
  • drive a hard bargain (idiom): expect a lot for what you pay for
    – She drives a hard bargain whenever she sells clothing in the outside marketplace.
  • throw in (phrasal verb): add or include
    – I’ll buy the ring if you throw in the necklace too.
  • stick with (phrasal verb): stay with, not changing to something else
    – Although that is a nice jacket, I think I’ll stick with the one I bought yesterday. I don’t need two jackets.
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