General Listening Quiz

“Picnic Preparations”

Level: Topic: Speakers: Length:
intermediate picnic preparations two men 01:54

Pre-Listening Exercise

Imagine you have been asked to organize a picnic? Where would you hold the picnic and what food, appetizers, and drink would you buy? Make a list and discuss it with a partner.


gift of gab” = skill of interesting conversation
Not only was Allen a great cook, he also has the gift of gab that keeps a crowd entertained.”

not your cup of tea” = not be the kind of thing you like
I’m sorry, but playing volleyball at a picnic isn’t my cup of tea.”

Listening Exercise

A. Listen to the recording and answer the questions.

The picnic is on _____.

Scott: Dave. I'm going to the supermarket to pick up food and drink for Saturday's picnic later.

The picnic is being held _____.

Dave: Well, everyone has been talking about having a barbecue down by the river, so why don't you pick up some hamburger and hot dogs?

They are going to buy ______ packages of hot dogs.

Dave: You're right. Let's see. I'd better write this down. Uh, let's see about nine pounds of hamburger meat and, uh . . . , seven packages of hot dogs.

Recently, Kathy has been very busy _____.

Dave: Well, I wouldn't mind that, but you know, she's been very busy working two jobs, so I'd hate to ask her,

Scott might make _____ for dessert.

Dave: Hey, why don't you whip up some of your oatmeal cookies?

Vocabulary Practice

Do the vocabulary quizzes with the words from the conversation for more practice:

Post-Listening Exercise

Plan a picnic or barbecue with a friend or classmate. Where would you have your picnic? What foods would you buy or prepare for the picnic? What activities or games would you plan to entertain your friends? Share your ideas with your class.

Online Investigation

Although the most people know the meaning of the word, barbecue, what people do, where they have a barbecue, and what they eat often varies from culture to culture. Use the Internet to find out how people hold barbecues in three different countries or cultures.