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General Listening Quiz

“Computer Sales”

Level: Topic: Speakers: Length:
intermediate computer sales two men 02:18

Pre-Listening Exercise

Buying a new computer can be a fun experience, but problems can arise. What are some common computer problems that people encounter when running their machines, and what issues can cause them? When you encounter such problems, what do you do to resolve them: seek help from a friend, consult a computer store, or read a computer book or magazine?


sky-high” = very expensive
Prices on laptop computers used to be sky-high, but the cost has dropped significantly over the last few years.”

have a knack for something” = have a special or nature ability
My younger brother has a real knack for fixing computers.”

Listening Exercise

A. Listen to the recording and answer the questions.

Vocabulary Practice

Do the vocabulary quizzes with the words from the conversation for more practice:

Post-Listening Exercise

What things do you look for in a new desktop or laptop computer? Using your criteria, search for a computer vendor in newspaper advertisements or magazines that sells the product you want. Be prepared to explain your reasons, including price, quality, and service, for selecting the computer and the vendor you settled on.

Online Investigation

Imagine that you need a computer or mobile device such as an iPad. Where would you find such a device online for a reasonable price? Find two online stores that sell the item and compare its price, the return policy of the company, and any reviews discussing its service. Then, decide which company would provide you the best service.

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