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English Idioms

“Face to Music”

Face the Music


  • accept the consequences of your actions

Frequency of Use: Medium

Sample Sentences

  1. If you make mistakes at work, you sometimes have to face the music and tell your boss.
  2. The police caught my brother speeding, and now he has the face to music.
  3. Mario doesn’t want to face the music and accept that he didn’t study for the test, and for that reason, he failed it.
  4. When are you going to stop lying to your partner, face the music and apologize for your error?

Conversation Questions

  1. Under what situations is it difficult to face the music regarding your problems and resolve these mistakes? For example, if you forget your partner’s birthday, what will you say and do?

Speaking Situation

You had the assignment to write a five-page paper in your English class, but you decided to go to the beach over the weekend instead of focusing on your essay. Basically, you thought you would have time to finish it when you returned. Unfortunately, as you were preparing to go home, your car was towed away with your computer because you had parked it illegally, and you won’t be able to get your car until Monday. So, what are you going to do: be honest with your teacher and face the music, or come up with a different story to avoid accountability?

Language Activity

Sometimes, learners know the meaning of an idiom, but they don’t know how to use it correctly in conversation or writing. Thus, this activity checks your grammatical accuracy with the idiom so you become more confident in using it. 

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