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Save the Earth

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Interviewer: Today, I'm interviewing nine-year-old Alex about her feelings on how people can help save the environment. So, Alex, how can we save the environment?

Alex: By saving water.

Interviewer: Well, how can we do that?

Alex: By not using too much water when we wash dishes, take a bath, and when we do other things, like watering the plants outside.

Interviewer: Oh, I think I can do that. What else?

Alex: When drinking or eating something outside, you should keep the garbage until you find a trashcan to put it in because littering makes our planet dirty. Do you like seeing trash all over the ground?

Interviewer: No, I don't. Do you have any final suggestions?

Alex: Yes. We shouldn't waste paper because trees are being cut down to make the paper. By recycling paper, we save the forests where animals live.

Interviewer: So, how can children recycle paper, I mean, everyday?

Alex: Well, for example, when I was in kindergarten, I used to save the newspapers so that I could make things make out of them, like paper trees, instead of just throwing them away. Now, the children in our neighborhood collect newspapers once a month to take them to a recycling center.

Interviewer: That's great. Well thanks Alex for your ideas.

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