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“Utah’s Desert Condition”

Instructions: Watch this video and answer the questions. Then, read the script at the bottom of the page.

Online Investigations and Discussion Questions

What weather and geographic features are unique to the area where you live and how do these things affect people’s lifestyles and activities?

Video Script

Hi, I’m Randall, and welcome to Utah once again, and uh, one of things that people don’t realize is living in the desert as Utah is, we’re really dependent on the snow which falls usually between October and late April for our water needs. Yes, the water, we can sometimes find in it underground wells, but we’re so dependent upon this water, and the water flowing down these irrigation ditches [from the mountains].

So, a couple [of] things we can do [to save water]. Number one: be careful of how much water we use in our home. Don’t waste it; don’t take long showers. And number two, be careful about how much we water our grass and gardens. Maybe doing it once a week, depending on our circumstances.

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