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English Culture Videos

“Family Animal Companions”

Instructions: Watch this video and answer the questions. Then, read the script at the bottom of the page.

Online Investigations and Discussion Questions

Have you ever had a pet? If so, what is (was) it? Also, what are the emotional benefits of having a pet? Imagine you want to raise an exotic pet. Choose one of the following animals and search for tips on how to care for your new pet: tarantula, monkey, llama, iguana, or snake. Consider food, shelter, and how difficult it is to handle the pet. 

Video Script

Hi, I’m Randall and I just want to introduce you to our two dogs. This is Amelia. She’s about four and a half years old, and we adopted her from a store. And our other dog, Kuro . . . come here, Kuro, Kuro. Come on! Kuro is actually two years old, and a family member gave Kuro to us.

And, uh, both of the dogs like to play fetch. They like to go for walks, and they are very energetic.

And they sleep inside our house, uh, but they spend a lot of the time outside during the day.

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