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“Cold Remedy”

Instructions: Watch this video on cold remedies and answer the questions. Then, read the script at the bottom of the page.

Online Investigations and Discussion Questions

When you are feeling sick with a cold, what home remedies, medication, or treatments do you try to relieve the symptoms and feel better?

Video Script

Hi. I’m Randall, and I’m not really feeling well today, and I thought I’d share a real-life example of what I try to do to fight a cold.

First of all, I get plenty of rest. Seven or eight hours is usually not enough for people who are sick, and so add a couple more hours as needed.

Next, I limit the amount of physical exercise I get. I do, I love running, but this is not the time to try to recover by running.

I also drink a lot of, uh, hot liquids, hot chocolate. It helps clear out my nose and helps me breathe better.

And finally, I try to limit the amount of contact I have with other people. I wash my hands, and I try to keep things clean around me, so I don’t spread the germs.

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