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“Car Emergency Gear”

Instructions: Watch this video car emergency gear and answer the questions. Then, read the script at the bottom of the page.

Online Investigations and Discussion Questions

What are three or four items that are essential to have in vehicles in case of an emergency? In what ways do your preparations change depending on the weather conditions or location where you will be traveling? Use the Internet to do research on these items, including the best place to shop for such gear.

Video Script

Hi, I’m Randall. One of the things that you never anticipate are (is) having problems with your vehicles, and having the right gear will eliminate heartache and problems along the road, and so, in our particular family, we carry with us a 72-hour kit, and this will contain food and water and other supplies that will last us up to seventy-two hours.

We also carry with us a fire extinguisher in case our vehicle catches fire or we encounter another fire of a vehicle.

And another thing is we have with us is a, uh, emergency hammer which can be used break glass, let’s say that your car rolls into a river and you need to escape out of the window.

And uh finally, we carry with us, uh, cables, jump cables, that will start our vehicle, and also a heavy-duty lug wrench. The lug wrench that you usually have with a regular vehicle isn’t made strong enough to take off normal wheels.* And so by being prepared and having the correct equipment, you can save yourself a lot of heartache and problems.

* What I mean to say is that the lug wrenches that often come with some vehicles are sometimes small and require a great deal of strength to use, whereas a larger size, heavy-duty leg wrench can allow even smaller individuals to get the right amount of leverage to remove tight lug nuts.

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