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English Language Center

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Explanation of Answers

1. Which was NOT mentioned as part of the purpose of the English Language Center?

A. to help international students prepare to enter institutions of higher learning
B. to teach students how to use English in their daily lives and at work
C. to provide work opportunities for graduating students in the community

Correct Answer (C). The man said that "the purpose of our program is to provide language learning opportunities to this area's community, whether a student's goal is to master basic functional language skills, let's say, for his or her job, or to study intensively to enter a US college or university."

There was no mention that the program would help students find jobs after leaving the program.

2. What is one course taught at the English Language Center?

A. business English
B. US Culture

Correct Answer (A). US Culture and TOEFL might be taught in the program, but the man didn't mention them in the conversation.

3. If the Fall semester begins on August 29th, by what date should one apply to the program?

A. May 29th
B. June 29th
C. July 29th

Correct Answer (B). The application deadline is at least two months before the semester starts, so June 29th would be exactly two months.

4. What is the tuition for a full-time student?

A. $2030
B. $2300
C. $2013

Correct Answer (A).

5. Which one was NOT mentioned as part of the application packet a student must send to the center?

A. sponsorship form
B. high school transcripts
C. application fee

Correct Answer (B). The four things needed to process the application are: (a) the application, (b) the $35 application fee, (c) a sponsorship form, and (d) a bank statement. High schools transcripts are not needed.

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