General Listening Quiz

“Sightseeing Tours Around Town”

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easy travel man and woman 01:03

Pre-Listening Exercise

When you travel to a new place, what things would you like to see and do? What hotels would you choose? What things would you like to buy?

Listening Exercise

A. Listen to the recording and answer the questions.

Where are they planning to go in the morning?

Woman: Well, let's look at this city guide here. [Okay] Uh, here's something interesting. [Oh!]Why don't we first visit the art museum in the morning? Man: Okay. I like that idea.

What kind of restaurant do they want to visit for lunch?

Woman: How about going to an Indian restaurant? [Humm] The guide recommends one downtown a few blocks from the museum.

The man wants to visit the zoo because _____.

Man: After that, what do you think about visiting the zoo? [Oh . . umm . . well . . . ] Well, it says here that there are some very unique animals not found anywhere else.

The woman wants to go shopping to _____.

Woman: There are supposed to be some really nice places to pick up souvenirs.

They are going to the sea by _____.

Woman: Oh well. Let's take the subway down to the seashore and walk along the beach.

Post-Listening Exercise

Imagine that you are visiting a new city for the first time as a tourist in Paris, London, Sydney, Rome, or New York City. Many people are looking for cheap travel ideas. Think about these questions:

  • What things do you like to do in these cities?
  • What places would you visit?
  • What do you buy?
  • Does your choice of activities depend on whether you are on a Hawaiian honeymoon, a travel adventure, or on business?

Online Investigation

You are thinking about going on vacation to these three cities: Paris, New York City, and Tokyo. How much would it cost to fly to each of these cities? Use the Internet to check on prices and compare. Now, choose one more place of your choice and find out how much it would cost to fly there.