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General Listening Quiz

“Private Language Tutor – Script”

Listening Exercise

Listen to the recording on language tutors and read along with the conversation. Review the key vocabulary and the sample sentences.

Nick: Hi. Uh, are you Sarah?

The Big Sister: No, I’m not. I’m her older sister.

Nick: Well, I’m here to talk to . . .

The Big Sister: I . . . I know why you’re here.

Nick: Good. Uh, Is Sarah here?

The Big Sister: Um, first, I have a couple questions, and you [had] better answer them. What is your name?

Nick: Wha . . . umm, my name? Uh, I’m Nick . . .

The Big Sister: Uh, I thought so. Where are you from?

Nick: Um. I’m from Brownsville. Why are you asking me . . .

The Big Sister: Okay. How old are you?

Nick: What!?

The Big Sister: How old are you?

Nick: Does that matter?

The Big Sister: Of course, it matters. I wouldn’t be asking otherwise.

Nick: Really?

The Big Sister: Really. Yeah. Sarah’s only 19.

Nick: Ugh! Okay, I’m 22. Now, is Sarah here?

The Big Sister: Where did you first meet Sarah and why do you like her so much?

Nick: Like her? What do you mean? I’ve only met her once in . . .

The Big Sister: Don’t lie to me, Nick.

Nick: Are you sure you have the right guy? Li . . . . Are you sure? [Yeah, I’m sure, I’m sure.] Li . . . Listen. I’m leaving. I don’t need the money THAT much.

The Big Sister: What?! Money? Wait! Wait! What do you mean money?

Nick: Listen. I’m a teaching assistant at the university, and I met Sarah in the Spanish class last week. She asked me if I could teach her, you know, help her with her class.

The Big Sister: So, you’re not Nick Roberts, that guy that drives that crazy motorcycle? [No!] The one with the large tattoo of a snake across his back?

Nick: No! What? You’ve got the wrong guy. I’m leaving. This whole thing is crazy.

Vocabulary and Sample Sentences

  • had better? (modal of advice): have to, must, with a feeling of possible negative consequences 
    – You had better find a private teacher and start studying more, or you will fail the class.
  • something matters (verb): something is important and makes a difference 
    – Good study habits matter in learning and passing classes.
  • once (adverb): one time 
    – I had a great teacher once, and she taught the subject very clearly.
  • lie (verb): not tell the truth 
    – Brandon lied and said he took lessons from a private French teacher, but he can’t even say hello in the language.
  • guy (noun): informal for person, usually a man 
    – That guy is a real good language tutor if you need help with your Chinese.
  • whole (adjective): full, complete, used to emphasize the noun 
    – I did poorly on the whole test.
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