General Listening Quiz

“Law Offices”

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easy law practice man – woman 00:48

Pre-Listening Exercise

Chefs make food at restaurant. Teachers help students learn. Police officers fight crime. Postal carriers deliver mail.

So, what do lawyers do exactly? Think of example before you listen to the conversation.


behind bars” = in jail
“The police will put you behind bars if you break into that store.”

keep your nose clean” = stay out of trouble
You need to keep your nose clean, or you will lose your job.”

Listening Exercise

A. Listen to the recording and answer the questions.

The woman works as a _______ at the law firm.

Woman: Well, I work as an attorney.

This law firm deals with ______ cases.

Woman: I work as a personal injury attorney, and we work with all kind of cases. [ For example . . . ] Well, like Injuries in car accidents, falls, and even animal attacks, like a neighbor’s dog that bites you when you go out to get the morning newspaper.

She studied at _______.

Man: And where did you study law? Woman: I graduated from Stanford Law School.

Sara graduated in ________.

Woman: I completed my studies there in 1997. Man: When was that? Woman: I completed my studies there in 1987.

Sara is in her office until _______.

Woman: I completed my studies there in 1987. Hey, Look, if your son is interested, he can even drop by my office this week. I’m there until 5:30 every day.

Post-Listening Exercise

Does the woman’s job sound interesting? Do you want to have a job like hers? Why or why not? Retell her background and work experience.

Online Investigation

Use the Internet to find the five highest paying jobs in your country. Then, discuss the jobs that interest you most.