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General Listening Quiz

“Holiday Traditions – Script”

Listening Exercise

Listen to the recording and read along with the conversation. Review the key vocabulary and the sample sentences.

News Reporter: Hello. This is Charles Richards from Channel 7 News, and we’re down here at the, uh, City Mall, interviewing people on how they celebrate Christmas. And, hi young lady. What is your name?

Young Girl: Elizabeth Carter.

News Reporter: And, Elizabeth, uh. How does your family celebrate Christmas?

Young Girl: We go sledding, and then go over to my grandparents’ house and have dinner with them.

News Reporter: Well, that is great, and let me ask this young man. Hi, what is your name? [Johnny.] And Johnny, how old are you?

Johnny: Five.

News Reporter: Five. And, uh, does your family eat anything particular for Christmas?

Johnny: Turkey . . .

News Reporter: And what does Christmas mean to you?

Young Girl: Going to my grandma’s and making their breakfast.

News Reporter: Going to grandma’s and making breakfast. And let me ask another young man. Hi, what is your name? [Steven.] Okay, and Steven, what does Christmas mean to you?

Steven: Giving but not expecting to get.

News Reporter: Yeah. That’s kind of hard for a young man like yourself. And what does that mean: Giving by not expecting?

Steven: Well, one thing that we do is secret giving.

News Reporter: Secret giving? Now how does that work in your family?

Steven: We sneak up to the porch of somebody that we want to give to them, ring the doorbell, and hide.

News Reporter: Ring the doorbell and hide? Uh, so you’re not expecting something; you just want to be generous to someone else. Is that right?

Steven: Yeah. That’s correct.

News Reporter: And let’s interview one more. And, uh, how do you celebrate Christmas? What is the best thing about Christmas and what does it mean to you?

Child: It means getting off from school!

News Reporter: Getting off from school?! Do you all feel that way?

Group of Children: Yeah!!

Young Girl: Because I hate homework.

News Reporter: Yeah. Well, that’s all here from the City Mall. Channel 7 reporting.

Vocabulary and Sample Sentences

  • sledding (noun): the activity or sport of riding on a sled, usually in snow 
    – I took the kids sledding yesterday down a real fun hill, and we had a great time.
  • particular (adjective): special or specific 
    – Our family doesn’t do anything particular on Christmas morning besides opening up gifts.
  • sneak (verb): to advance or approach without being seen 
    – My son often tries to sneak into the kitchen and take a cookie when no one is watching.
  • hide (verb): to prevent from being seen or discovered 
    – Parents often hide their children’s Christmas presents to keep them a secret.
  • generous (adjective): willing to give or share freely 
    – People are often very generous around the holiday season and donate.
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