General Listening Quiz

“Drugs and Medication”

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easy health remedies man – woman 01:02

Pre-Listening Exercise

Name several illnesses that keep people from going to work or school. Then, discuss the symptoms for each and remedies and treatments for curing the problem.


sick as a dog” = very sick
She has been sick as a dog for a week, and she really needs to see a doctor.”

run down” = very tired and exhausted
Jeff is feeling run down, so he decided not to come to the party.”

Listening Exercise

A. Listen to the recording and answer the questions.

What's the matter with Steve?

Steve: Well, I thought I had the flu, but the doctor said it was just a bad cold.

How long has Steve been sick?

Steve: Well, to be honest Carla, I was feeling great on Saturday, but I started to feel sick Sunday afternoon.

How often should Steve take the medicine the doctor prescribes?

Steve: I'm supposed to take the medicine three times a day after eating, but it doesn't seem to help.

What does Carla suggest he do?

Carla: Listen, forget about that medicine! I have just the thing to get rid of bad colds. You see, my mom is really into herbal medicine.

What does Steve decide to do?

Steve: Dancing around in no time, right? Well, I guess [I'll listen to Carla's advice.]. Nothing else seems to be doing the job.

Vocabulary Practice

Try this activity to practice the vocabulary from the conversation:

Post-Listening Exercise

Think of a time during the last year when you got really sick. What was the problem? Did you go to the doctor? If so, what did the doctor tell you to do, eat, or buy to get better? If you didn’t go to the doctor, what did you try to recover from your illness?

Online Investigation

What home remedies do you have in your country for the following illnesses or situations? Search for information in books or online to help you answer this question:

  • cold
  • stomachache
  • hangover
  • hiccups
  • sore throat