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General Listening Quiz

“Suicide Prevention”

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difficult suicide and depression man – woman 04:46

Pre-Listening Exercise

In 2012, our son, Joshua, died by suicide (see, and we know that so many people around the world have had family or friends who have ended their lives. To provide help and open discussion, I decided to create this listening activity. So, to begin with, what are some of the reasons why people consider taking their own lives? What are some warning signs of suicide, and what are three things friends and family can do to help someone who might are thinking about suicide?


feel bummed out” = feel very depressed
My son felt really bummed out after some kids at school made fun of his clothes.”

your heart sinks” = feel very unhappy
My father’s heart sank when he found out my mom had cancer.”

Listening Exercise

A. Listen to the recording and answer the questions.

Post-Listening Exercise

Have you ever experienced any of the pain and struggles Daniel is going through in the conversation? How did you feel and how did these experiences impact your life? What things have you found helpful in your own life to get yourself through a sad or depressive state?

Online Investigation

After you look over Josh’s Web site (, think of a comment or question you want to ask Randall about his son, Josh. Comments can be about depression, suicide, mental health issues, or ways in which Josh’s life and death have impacted the family. Then, post your questions or comments on Randall’s blog HERE:

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