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General Listening Quiz

“Where’s the Movie Theater?”

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difficult directions man and woman 01:22

Pre-Listening Exercise

Although watching movies online from the comfort of one’s homes is becoming very popular, many people still enjoy the pleasure of buying movie tickets and watching a movie at a local theater.

  1. What is the attraction that draws people to the movies?
  2. How much do movie tickets cost in your area?
  3. What do people like to do before or after seeing a movie?

Listening Exercise

A. Listen to the recording and answer the questions.

Post-Listening Exercise

Discuss these questions with a partner or friend outside of class:

  • When do people start dating in your country?
  • What do people usually do on dates?
  • Does the man pick the woman up from her house or do they meet somewhere?
  • Do men often take the woman a gift on the first date? If so, what?

Online Investigation

Use the Internet to answer these questions.

  1. What movies are very popular at the moment at a movie theater near you?
  2. What is the plot of the movie?
  3. Who are the main characters?
  4. What is the message of the movie?
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