General Listening Quiz

“Landscaping Secrets”

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Difficult landscaping two men 01:14

Pre-Listening Exercise

What types of landscaping do people use around their homes (or businesses) in your country? What rules or regulations are in place to protect homeowners in particular neighborhoods? What kinds of problems can arise when there are disagreements between neighbors on their yards?


go out on a limb” = do something risky
I went out on a limb to find him a job, but he didn’t thank me.”

bark up the wrong tree” = make the wrong decision or get the wrong idea
Listen. You’re barking up the wrong tree. I didn’t take your cell phone. It’s a lie.”

Listening Exercise

A. Listen to the recording and answer the questions.

What is one problem with the man's trees?

Neighbor: Listen. Even though the trees are in your yard, some of the branches hang over into mine, and I am getting sick and tired of raking up your leaves and picking up all the branches that fall off during storms throughout the year.

The tree was planted ______ years ago.

Man: Hey, hey, neighbor. What are you doing with my trees? My wife planted that tree 25 years ago. Get off that ladder.

The dog ______ when he eats the walnuts.

Neighbor: And my dog eats them, and he ends up with terrible diarrhea.

The neighbor can cut the other man's trees because _____.

Neighbor: Listen. Even though the trees are in your yard, some of the branches hang over into mine . . . It's completely legal. I check the city code and law regarding this issue, and I am well within my rights.

What do you think happens at the end of the conversation?

Neighbor: See if I care. Hey, what are you doing? Stop shaking the ladder. You're acting juvenile now. Help!

Post-Listening Exercise

What are common problems that could happen between neighbors? What are the best ways to resolve such issues?

Online Investigation

Caring for a yard around a house is more than just throwing some grass and flower seeds on the ground and hoping that things will grow well. Instead, careful planning is the key. Search the Internet and find 10 money-saving landscaping tips that can beautify any area. Then, share your findings with a partner.