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General Listening Quiz

“A Free Cell Phone”

Level: Topic: Speakers: Length:
difficult cell phones man – young woman 1:11

Pre-Listening Exercise

Cell phones, or mobile phones, are becoming more popular around the world as a preferred form of communication, but can you find a cheap calling plan that will fit your budget? What do you look for when deciding on a cell phone or a phone carrier (e.g., cost of phone, number of minutes a month, cancellation fees, etc.)? What types of international calling cards can be used with such phones?


call someone up” = call
Please call me up if you aren’t busy this weekend. I’ll have my smartphone with me.”

a thousand apologies” = say one is very, very sorry
Hey, Steve. A thousand apologies for not calling you up earlier. My cellphone battery died.”

Listening Exercise

A. Listen to the recording and answer the questions.

Vocabulary Practice

Do the vocabulary quizzes with the words from the conversation for more practice:

Post-Listening Exercise

There is often debate on whether a smartphone is a need or just a want in today’s society. What is your opinion on this? A recent report shows that the amount of phones sold globally has quadrupled in the last decade. At what age is it appropriate for children or teenagers to have a phone and should they be asked to cover part of the cost, particularly for cell phone plans that cover features such as unlimited texting?

Online Investigation

Imagine you need a new mobile or smartphone and the perfect cell phone provider. Look around and find the best deal on a cell phone for your particular needs. If you are a student, price might be important if you are paying for the phone yourself. Compare the deals for different phones you know and discuss which appeals to you most. What specific features do you look for in a phone? What advertising tactics do cell phone companies use to attract customers?

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