General Listening Quiz

“Flower Shop”

Level: Topic: Speakers: Length:
difficult ordering flowers man – woman 02:15

Pre-Listening Exercise

On what occasions do people buy flowers for others (e.g., marriages, funerals, etc.)? Where can you buy flowers in your area? What types of flowers (and colors) are given for different life events?


not a bed of roses” = something that isn’t always pleasant or easy
Marriage isn’t always a bed of roses. Couples often have challenges they have to face.”

grow apart” = a couple’s relationship becomes less close
Because the couple focused so much time on their own careers, they steadily grew apart and eventually got divorced.”

Listening Exercise

A. Listen to the recording and answer the questions.

The man wants to buy flowers for his wife ____.

Florist: Let . . . Let me guess. You forget your anniversary, and you're trying to make things up, right? Customer: Oh. Yeah, is it that obvious?

The florist says men are _____.

Florist: "Well, yeah. We see men like you all the time that are so involved in their work that they simply forget about us." The man is also very unwilling to spend much money on his wife.

The man has _____ to spend on his wife.

Customer: Uh, wait. I actually have twelve dollars and . . . wait, hang on, let me see here . . . thirty-two cents, so that might be . . .

The florist suggests that the man buy flowers, get some balloons, and ______.

Florist: I mean, if my husband forgot our anniversary, he'd be in the doghouse for sure. [Well . . .] You need at least two dozen roses, a dozen balloons, and a romantic evening at an expensive restaurant.

The conversation might end when _____.

Florist: No! It looks like you need to face the music and just talk to her. [I can't, I can't.] She'll probably be very understanding after you promise . . . [You don't know my wife.] Well, you need to promise to wash the dishes and clean the bathroom for the next six months. Get out there and be a man.

Post-Listening Exercise

In the situations below, would you give flowers, and if so, what colors and types would you order?

  • Your sister is getting married.
  • A close friend passed away.
  • Your father is in the hospital.
  • A friend is graduating from college.
  • A neighbor just had a baby.

Online Investigation

Imagine that you want to buy flowers for an important holiday in your country. Find two different Web sites that sell flowers and compare their services in terms of price, delivery, variety of items, and product guarantee. Report your findings to a partner or class.