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General Listening Quiz

“Disaster Cleanup”

Level: Topic: Speakers: Length:
difficult home repairs two men 01:35

Pre-Listening Exercise

Discuss the kinds of mishaps or accidents that can occur around the house that might require home repairs or house cleaning. Use the following verbs and nouns or others you know to make sentences. Then write some of the ideas on the board.

VERBS: burn, break, cut, damage, fall, ruin, scratch, slip, spill, tear
NOUNS: bathtub, carpet, chair, door, dinner, floor, ladder, stairs, stove, wall


a going over” = an often fast cleaning
The house needs a good going over before our guests arrive.”

elbow grease” = hard work
Put a little elbow grease into cleaning that bathtub.”

Listening Exercise

A. Listen to the recording and answer the questions.

Post-Listening Exercise

Describe a time when you experienced a disaster, small or great, at your home or in your area.

Online Investigation

In this particular situation, what would you do and what company would you call to help you solve the problem?

  1. A gas leak at home
  2. A flood resulting from a broken water pipe
  3. A leaking roof cause by a storm
  4. Your attic fills with bats who now live there
  5. A tree falls on your house

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