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General Listening Quiz

“First Mountain Bank”

Level: Topic: Speakers: Length:
difficult banking man 0:31

Pre-Listening Exercise

Where do you do your banking and what online services does it provide?


foot someone a loan” = loan someone money
Uh, I was wondering if you could foot me a loan until I can get to the bank tomorrow.”

fork over” = give up something like money
Hey, fork over cash you owe me! I don’t want a check.”

Listening Exercise

A. Listen to the recording and choose the number that gives you the information for each statement.

Post-Listening Exercise

What do you do to protect your personal information online? 

Online Investigation

Use the Internet to answer these question:

  1. What are two banks in your area that provide online banking services?
  2. What can customers do online to manage their bank accounts?
  3. How does the company protect your personal information?
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