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University Degrees: Succeeding in College
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Instructions: Watch this video clip on the topic of university majors and answer the questions based on what you hear.

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Discussion Question

What do think are the keys to succeeding at a university in terms of academic, social, and emotional success? Research online the educational and recreational benefits of two colleges or universities that interest you and discuss your ideas with a partner and/or write your opinion a related topic at Randall's ESL Blog HERE.

Questions: [ See Script ]

1. ____________________ can help you decide on a college major.

A. Attending some classes
B. Talking with an academic advisor
C. Visiting local businesses

2. According to Randall, it is important to balance _____________________ while at college.

A. work and education
B. social life and school
C. school and travel

3. The one of benefits of working part time and volunteering in the community is that you can _____________.

A. earn money to pay for college expenses
B. improve your language skills more
C. expand your employment history

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