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Web Site Update – September 2019

With many students and teachers returning to a new school session or semester, I want to update you on changes to the site as well as some basic tips on how to use the site better:

  1. Review the video tutorials that help you understand the design and history of the site.
  2. Print out the ESL Study Handouts that can be very helpful to teachers and students.
  3. Create a study plan by using my Self-Study Guide. You can select listening and video activities by topic.
  4. Check out the over 300+ vocabulary quizzes that go with the listening activities. These are designed to review the key vocabulary in my conversations.
  5. Check out some of my newest culture videos to which I will be adding more this month.
  6. Contact me with an idea or suggestion for new listening activities.
  7. Visit my Facebook page where I post other learning tips and ideas.

I look forward to creating more new content during the last part of this year.