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Basic English Quiz

“University Programs”

Pre-Listening Exercise

What things are important to you in choosing a university program? Here are some ideas. Pick the top five points and discuss them with a partner.

  1. cost
  2. types of majors and degrees
  3. reputation of programs
  4. quality of teachers
  5. location
  6. activities and campus environment
  7. campus facilities
  8. financial aid opportunities
  9. admission rate
  10. graduation rate
  11. job placement results

Listening Exercise

Listen to the recording and choose the best answer to each question or statement. Then, review the script to this listening activity at the bottom of the page.

Post-Listening Exercise

Discuss what you want to study at a college or university and what kind of job you want to have in the future? If you have already graduated from college, then describe your choice of schools and share your experiences as a student there.

Listening Script

(Correct choice in underlined.)

  1. What’s Sarah’s major? >>> A. She really likes school. OR B.She’s studying Spanish.
  2. How many credits are you talking? >>> AAbout 16 credits right now. OR B. I need 10 more credits to graduate.
  3. This class is really difficult. >>>> AOh, how come? OR B. When is your class?
  4. The final test is going to be next Friday. >>> AThat’s good to know. OR B. Yes, it was very short.
  5. When are you going to enroll in classes? >>>> A. I dropped classes last week. OR BI’m going to register next week.
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