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Basic English Quiz

“Train Trip Travel”

Pre-Listening Exercise

What are the advantages or disadvantages of taking a train instead of driving your own car, taking a bus, or flying to your destination?


Listening Exercise

Listen by pressing the Play button. Then, select the best response for each sentence or question.

Example: (You hear): How many people are in your family?

You see these responses: A. Four people. OR B. They don’t live year.

The best response is A. Four people.

Post-Listening Exercise

Are there passenger trains that run in your city? If so, how often do you ride them? Where do you go when you take the train? How do you pay your train fare (e.g., with cash, credit card, smart phone)?

Listening Script

(Correct choice in underlined.)

  1. What time do you catch the train home in the evening? >>> AI get on at 5:10 p.m. OR B. I get off at 5:30 a.m.
  2. Is the train crowded in the morning? >>> AYes, it is. OR B. Not, it doesn’t.
  3. The train is running late today. >>>> A. Yes, I sometimes take the late train. OR BDoes that often happen?
  4. How much is the one-way fare? >>>> AIt’s about $8:00. ORB. You can buy a pass online.
  5. I missed the train this morning. >>> AOh. Were you late to school? OR B. Oh, glad to hear that.
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