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Basic English Quiz

“Shopping Centers”

Pre-Listening Exercise

If you need shoes, a book, or even a new stereo, you probably can find many of these things at a shopping mall near you. Try this listening activity to improve your understanding of this topic.

Listening Exercise

Listen to the recording and choose the best word to describe the place or store. Then, review the script to this listening activity at the bottom of the page.

Post-Listening Exercise

Discuss three different things you have bought recently and why you bought them. In your city, where is the cheapest place to buy these items?

Listening Script

  1. I think you can buy some cough medicine at that store. (pharmacy)
  2. He’s going to drop by and buy a rose for his wife. (flower shop)
  3. She’s washing her clothes for the week. (laundromat)
  4. Hey. Tell me where you got your hair cut. (hairdresser)
  5. We should pick up some paper, pencils, and pens for the new school year. (office supply store)
  6. That’s a nice tie. Where did you buy it? (clothing store)
  7. I’d like to order a salad. I’m trying to eat a good diet. (restaurant)
  8. Why don’t you grab some bread while I look for a pizza in the frozen food section? I’ll meet you at the cashier. (supermarket)
  9. I think we should buy a new kitchen table. The old one is falling apart and won’t last much longer. (furniture store)
  10. I bought a beautiful necklace for my sister’s birthday. Do you think she’ll like it? (jewelry store)
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