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Basic English Quiz

“Job Search 2”

Pre-Listening Exercise

A common topic of conversation centers around our work, and people often might ask us about our jobs, including specific details on what we do.

Listening Exercise

Listen to the recording. You will hear a man talking about a job. Choose the job that goes with the sentence you hear. Then, review the script to this listening activity at the bottom of the page.

Post-Listening Exercise

Describe what each one of these people do as part of their work (e.g., “A mail carrier delivers letters and packages to people and businesses.”). Also, describe the other jobs in the questions above:

  1. taxi driver
  2. farmer
  3. website designer
  4. pilot
  5. doctor
  6. nurse
  7. journalist

Listening Script

  1. He really enjoys preparing food at the Italian restaurant. (chef)
  2. My father teaches math at a university in our hometown. (professor)
  3. I now work downtown at a bank using software programs to manage their financial records. (accountant)
  4. She carries a gun for protection as part of her job. (police officer)
  5. The man will explain all of the historical sites on your trip. (tour guide)
  6. Maria works at a clothing store helping customers find what they need. (sales associate)
  7. He’ll stop near the next light, and you can get off there. (bus operator or bus driver)
  8. The woman took my order, but the food hasn’t come out yet. (server)
  9. The man said that my car wouldn’t be ready until tomorrow because he hasn’t finished repairing the problem. (mechanic)
  10. My sister enjoys working for the airlines, but traveling so much and assisting passengers all day on long flights can be tiring. (flight attendant)
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