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Basic English Quiz

“Job Search 1”

Pre-Listening Exercise

If you want to find a good job, you have to make sure you qualified for the position. What was your college major? How much experience do you have? Can you describe a work situation in which you were able to solve a challenging problem? Here are some key vocabulary to get you started:

candidate, overtime, master’s degree, working hours, attractive benefits, bonus, be qualified, experience, resume, retirement plan, shift, computer literacy, apply for a job, be hired, interview for a job

Listening Exercise

Study the picture about the different jobs. The listen and choose True or False about the information that you hear. Then, review the script to this listening activity at the bottom of the page.

Post-Listening Exercise

Imagine that your school is looking for students to fill these three work positions. Please explain why or why not you would be qualified for the job and why the school should hire you.

  1. Cook: Assist in preparing meals for students and teachers
  2. Cleaning Staff: Help clean the school
  3. Computer Lab Assistant: Maintain the computers and help other students use different software programs for writing papers

Listening Script

  1. The editor’s job is with a computer hardware company. (False)
  2. Candidates for the manager’s position should have at least five years experience. (True)
  3. Those interested in teaching English should e-mail their resumes. (False)
  4. You might have to work overtime in the editor’s job. (True)
  5. You need at least a Master’s Degree to teach at Language Academy. (True)
  6. Working hours for the editor’s job are from eight thirty to five. (False)
  7. Town Bank pays an attractive bonus. (False)
  8. People with a background in computers are more qualified for the teaching job. (True)
  9. You need no more than two years experience to qualify for the editor’s job. (False)
  10. You should contact Town Bank by e-mail if you have any questions. (True)

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