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Basic English Quiz

“Holiday Party”

Pre-Listening Exercise

What kinds of food, drink, and activities do people prepare or have for a major holiday or event in your country? Here are some examples:

  • a birthday party
  • a wedding
  • a New Year’s Party
  • a major religious holiday

Listening Exercise

Listen by pressing the Play button. Then, select the best response for each sentence or question.

Example: (You hear): How many people are in your family?

You see these responses: A. Four people. OR B. They don’t live year.

The best response is A. Four people.

Post-Listening Exercise

Talk about a holiday party you had during this year. What did you do? Who was at the party? What did you eat?

Listening Script

(Correct choice in underlined.)

  1. What time does the party start? >>> AIt begins at 7:00 p.m.OR B. It was a great party.
  2. How many are coming to the party? >>> AAbout 20 people are coming. OR B. About 30 people came.
  3. Should I bring something to eat? >>>> A. The chips were great. OR BSure. Could you get some chips?
  4. Wow. This food is great. >>>> AThanks. It was fun to make. OR B. Thanks. I did it, too.
  5. Hey. Let’s play some games. >>>> A. When did you do that? OR BThat’s a great idea.
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