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Basic English Quiz

“Directions Around Town 2”

Pre-Listening Exercise

Travel and sightseeing are always fun, but if you find yourself lost in a new city on vacation, you will probably have to ask for directions. Understanding directions is a big part of this. Look at the expressions below and be sure to understand the meaning of the places on the map before you begin the listening activity:

– across from
– behind
– between
– in front of 
– near
– next to 
– opposite

Listening Exercise

Study the map. Then, listen to each sentence and choose TRUE or FALSE. Review the script to this listening activity at the bottom of the page.

Post-Listening Exercise

Draw a neighborhood map of the area where you live (or a place you know well like a school or your work). Write the names of buildings and stores in the area. Then, talk about the map. Another idea is to find a map of a famous area or place in your city and tell a partner how to get there from other locations (for example, your home).

Listening Script

  1. The dry cleaners is between the museum and the supermarket. (True)
  2. The bus terminal is across from church. (True)
  3. The high school is on the corner of Pine Street and 1st Street. (False)
  4. The art gallery is in front of the stadium. (True)
  5. The mall is next to the supermarket. (False)
  6. The gym is on Gray Street. (False)
  7. The cafe is near the pharmacy. (True)
  8. The park is east of the river. (True)
  9. The pharmacy is on the corner of Sun Street and 3rd Street. (True)
  10. The sports club is behind the parking lot. (False)
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