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Basic English Quiz

“Conversation Starters”

Pre-Listening Exercise

Learning how to say hello (starting a conversation) and ending a conversation smoothly are very important to making friends. Use this listening activity to help you know what to say at the right time.

Listening Exercise

Listen to the question or statement. Then, choose the best response. Review the script to this listening activity at the bottom of the page.

Post-Listening Exercise

Pretend you are sitting at a bus stop waiting for your bus to arrive in about five minutes or so. There is a person sitting next to you whom you don’t know (your conversation partner). Start a natural conversation with the person using a variety of small-talk questions and expressions. Then, end the conversation as your bus arrives and you have to get on it.

Listening Script

  1. Hi. Haven’t we met before? (Yes. I believe we have.)
  2. Long time, no see. (It has been a long time.)
  3. Hi, how’s your family these days? (They’re fine.)
  4. So, what’s up? (Nothing much.)
  5. Did you hear I got a new job? (Hey, that’s fantastic.)
  6. Have you heard from Bill recently? (Yes. He’s still working downtown.)
  7. Well, have a nice weekend. (Same to you.)
  8. Well, take care. (You too.)
  9. Say hello to your brother for me. (I will.)
  10. Be careful on your way home. (You too.)
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