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Basic English Quiz

“Clothing and Fashion”

Pre-Listening Exercise

Shopping for new clothes and the latest fashions is often important to people because they want to look nice, and now, people can shop for clothes online from the comfort of their own homes. Dresses, shirts, coats, shoes. Buying almost anything is possible. Here are some verbs to get you started talking about clothing:

put on (a tie), take off (your sunglasses), get dressed, wear (a skirt), change into (a suit), button up (a shirt), kick off (your shoes), go formal/casual

Listening Exercise

Listen to the recording. You will hear a BEEP. That is the word you need to understand. Try to guess what it is from the rest of the sentence. Then, review the script to this listening activity at the bottom of the page.

Post-Listening Exercise

Now, talk to a partner about what you would wear in each of these situations and why:

Example: on a walk on a cold winter day
I probably put on a warm sweater, coat, hat, and scarf to keep me warm because I don’t want to freeze outside. I can always take them off if I warm up and don’t need them.

  1. at a movie theater with friends from high school
  2. at a casual party with a woman (or man) on your first date
  3. hiking in the mountains for the entire day
  4. attending the funeral of a close relative
  5. visiting the home of one of your teachers

Listening Script

  1. You might want to wear ____________ to the party tonight. It’s supposed to be a formal occasion. (a tie)
  2. Put on ___________. It’ll keep you head cooler in the hot sun. (a hat)
  3. I think we need to make him wear ___________. His pants keep falling down. (a belt)
  4. You ought to bring ________________ to the beach in case you want to get in the water. (a swimming suit)
  5. Try on this _____________. It’ll keep you warm during the cool evenings. (a sweater)
  6. Hey. Get out of bed and change out of your ____________. You’ll be late for school if you don’t hurry. (pajamas)
  7. Put out your _____________ to wash. I think they got dirty when you were on your knees working in the garden. (pants)
  8. My daughter forgot to wear her _____________ when she went out to play in the snow, and her hands were really cold when she came back inside the house. (gloves)
  9. When you go hiking, you should wear some really good heavy _____________ to protect your feet from sharp rocks. (boots)
  10. Everyone is going casual, and I’m just going to wear ______________ and button-up shirt. (jeans)
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