Academic English

“Travel Log”

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difficult travel man 02:40

Pre-Listening Exercise

Many people choose overseas destinations for honeymoon cruises, discount tours, or study abroad. However, preparing for such experiences is very important. What concerns would you have in traveling to a new country (e.g., language, food, transportation, etc.)? What would be the best way to relieve any of these feelings of anxiety?

Listening Exercise

A. Listen to the recording and answer the questions.

The man feels _____ about traveling overseas.

Having been overseas before, I felt somewhat at ease with the idea of traveling abroad, particularly since I lived in Asia for a number of years.

The man learned how to ______ in the marketplace in the first city.

I quickly figured out the custom of haggling over the price before you buy something.

People often stared at the man because he _____.

I realized that my presence was perhaps an oddity with so few foreigners in that area. In fact, the people were just curious, and I was even able to strike up a few conversations with some of the locals.

The man found it difficult to _____.

I, on the other hand, tried to dart in and out of traffic to cross streets, weaving back and forth, to get to the other side. It was a little scary at first, but I quickly got the knack of it.

The man discovered that all people want to _____.

Regardless of language and culture, all people have a desire for friendship that bridges any cultural boundaries.

Post-Listening Exercise

Have you ever experienced similar feelings to those expressed in this travel log? What suggestions would you have for others who are considering a trip overseas?