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Academic English

“I Love Trees – Script”

Listening Exercise

Listen to the recording and read along with the conversation. Review the key vocabulary and the sample sentences.

I love trees because they are an important commodity to the environment. They make life possible on this planet, along with other plants. I also love the trees’ glorious display of colors in the fall.

I love trees because they have many different shades of green, so many that it’s almost impossible to count. When I paint a picture of a tree I use many shades of green and many more shades of brown. My favorite thing about trees is that they always seem to have a glow around them.

I love trees because they always smell so fresh and clean. I like to go to the nursery because I love the smell of trees, it’s so refreshing. It’s a glass of cool water on a hot day, or a damp cloth on a hot forehead.

I love to plant trees. I love to dig through the soil to make a hole in which the tree will rest. I love to place the tree in the ground, making sure not to disturb the roots which will be the tree’s support. I love to water the trees. I love to pour the water on the trees knowing that it will grow.

One of my favorite things about trees is that they are fun to climb. I started climbing trees when I was very little. My dad taught me how to climb, along with some useful tips. I especially like to climb my grandpa’s apple tree. I love to wind through the branches, and climb to a board that has been placed there. Once up, I like to think and relax, or bring a book up with me. It is fun to let my imagination run away with me while munching apples.

I love trees in the autumn when they display their beautiful colors. In the autumn time, splashes of red, yellow, orange, and green decorate the mountainside. The maples go red, the oak and aspen go yellow while the evergreens maintain their beautiful shade of green.

Trees make life possible because they use the carbon dioxide and release oxygen which makes it so that we can breathe. If we exterminate trees, the effects could be fatal. There may be global warming, lack of oxygen, and we would definitely not have any lumber or paper.

Trees are very important to the environment. The beauty of trees makes me feel peaceful, and inspires me to make the best of myself.

Vocabulary and Sample Sentences

  • commodity (noun): a product or useful thing ^
    – Having your own small greenhouse to grow vegetables is a very popular commodity in some places.
  • nursery (noun): greenhouse, a place where plants are cultivated
    – I went to the nursery today to buy some fruit trees.
  • damp (noun): a slight wetness
    – The grass was a little damp this morning.
  • soil (noun): ground, dirt
    – We added some new soil to the garden to prepare for planting.
  • disturb (verb): bother, upset
    – Be very careful where you walk so you do not disturb the ground cover and wild flowers.
  • munch (verb): to eat and chew lightly
    – The kids like to munch on carrots and pretend they are rabbits.
  • evergreens (noun): plants that do not lose their leaves and stay green throughout the year
    – We have several nice evergreens in our backyard.
  • exterminate (verb): destroy, kill off
    – The farmers were determined to exterminate the crickets eating their crops.
  • lumber (noun): wood from trees
    – So much lumber is being harvested that deforestation has resulted in many areas.
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