Academic English

“Olympic Basketball”

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difficult basketball one man 01:33

Pre-Listening Exercise

Basketball is a popular sport in many countries, and many people enjoy buying tickets to games, collecting basketball collectibles, and even basketball jerseys or clothing. Listen to this conversation.


“dough” = informal for money
I need more dough to pay off my credit card bill.”

“have money to burn” = have a lot of money
Sara’s dad always gives her a big allowance, so she has money to burn.”

Listening Exercise

A. Listen to the recording and answer the questions.

How is the US Dream Team doing in the game?

The US Team taking a drumming at the hands of the Japanese national team going into the second half, 51 to 26.

The Dream Team is made up of ____.

The US Dream Team is made up of NBA veterans.

The Dream Team's leading scorer _____.

Unfortunately for the Dream Team, their leading scorer, High-Fly Wilson, was ejected one minute into the second quarter after climbing into the stands and fighting with a spectator.

The Japanese center injured his _____.

The Japanese center, Tomohiro Suzuki, suffered a concussion and was knocked out cold as he lunged for a ball and collided with the knee of one of his own teammates.

The Dream Team did poorly because they _____.

Some of the coaches on the US team are attributing the team's sluggish performance to some raw fish they had last night.

Post-Listening Exercise

How popular is basketball in your country as a recreational sport? Are their sports teams at the junior high school and high school levels? Do you enjoy playing or watching the game?