Academic English

“Language Learning”

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difficult language learning two men 03:08

Pre-Listening Exercise

Discuss with a partner three ways to learn a foreign language and then explain which one has helped you personally the most.


“ditch class” = not to go to school when you should attend
It is impossible to pass the class if you ditch school all the time.”

“learn the hard way” = to learn about something through your mistakes and sometimes negative experiences
He learned the hard way that you shouldn’t ask certain questions in that culture.”

Listening Exercise

A. Listen to the recording and answer the questions.

The man's book is called "Learning Languages _____."

His new book, Learning a Language over Eggs and Toast, has been on the best seller list for the past six weeks.

This conversation probably takes _____.

Welcome to our program. It sounds like a news program.

One of the most important points of language learning is ____.

Dr. Adams: Well, one of the most important keys to learning another language is to establish a regular study program, like planning a few minutes every morning around breakfast time.

Dr. Adams suggests that students _____.

Dr. Adams: Well, as I just mentioned, people need to plan out their study by setting realistic and attainable goals from the beginning.

_______ would help Dr. Adams in his own study.

Talk Show Host: Well, Dr. Adams. What is your learning style? Dr. Adams: Well, I'm a very tactile learner. Talk Show Host: You mean one who learns through hands-on experience? Dr. Adams: Exactly.

Post-Listening Exercise

Share your opinions with other students on your experiences of learning a language. Ask others students and teachers these questions. Report your findings to the class:

  • the best way to learn different languages skills in a foreign language including listening, speaking, reading, writing, vocabulary, and cultural understanding
  • your experiences learning English in a foreign country