Academic English

“Exotic Animal Kingdom”

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difficult animals man and boy 04:22

Pre-Listening Exercise

What are some common and exotic animals people keep as pets?


“(lead) a dog’s life” = life is difficult with little pleasure
Ever since he lost his job, he’s been leading a dog’s life.”

“a snake in the grass” = a person who can’t be trusted
Be careful. He’s really a snake in the grass, and I never know when he’s telling the truth.”

Listening Exercise

A. Listen to the recording and answer the questions.

The boy's bearded dragon was born in _____.

Today, beardies like this one are bred in captivity here in the US.

The bearded dragon is generally ______.

Guest: Bearded dragons make a great family pet and are very docile creatures.

As for their diet, bearded dragons _____.

Guest: Young dragons like Bert can be fed small crickets twice a day, along with some greens and shredded vegetables. [Okay.] And then as your dragon grows, you can increase the amount of greens and vegetables.

A bearded dragon obtains water in the wild by _____.

Guest: Well, since bearded dragons traditionally live in arid regions, they obtain most of their water naturally from what they eat.

The best lighting scenario for a bearded dragon in captivity is _____.

First, they need the simulated sunlight from the ultraviolet (UV) bulb . . .

Post-Listening Exercise

Choose an exotic pet you want to learn more about and search online for tips on caring for this animal. Share your findings with a partner. Some animals could include: llama, iguana, pygmy goat, or peacock. What pet would be ideal for different types of people and situations, including children, people who live in apartments, and the elderly?