Academic English

“Cosmetic Surgery”

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advanced cosmetic surgery one man 02:15

Pre-Listening Exercise

Name five different types of cosmetic surgery and discuss why people select these procedures.


“have a face lift” = a surgical procedure in which doctors tighten the skin on the face to remove wrinkles
I’m sure that the actress had a facelift so would look younger than she really is.”

“nose job” = an operation to improve the appearance of one’s nose
He’s considering a nose job because he says people always comment on his nose.”

Listening Exercise

A. Listen to the recording and answer the questions.

An example of reconstructive surgery is _____.

many of these patients suffer from either congenital defects like a cleft palate or from injuries sustained in accidents or as a result of animal bites.

A personal with a physical deformity might _____.

Yet, the individual with such defects often bares more than just outward physical marks: loss of hope and self-worth as well as acceptance are commonplace.

Volunteers also provide _____ in other countries.

these volunteer specialists also provide training to health care workers in these procedures so that local hospitals, nurses, and doctors can become self-sufficient.

By providing services, volunteers often ____.

The health care worker who performs the procedure perhaps fees a greater understanding and compassion for those who suffer from such defects.

People can also help by ____.

Although most people do not have the medical expertise to perform reconstructive surgery, they can still donate time, money, and supplies to such organizations.

Post-Listening Exercise

Do research on an organization that provides medical services, particularly cosmetic surgery, to people in developing countries. Report on the organization’s mission, the regions of the world where the organization has performed such care, and how everyday people can become involved. Would you consider volunteering if you had the expertise to perform cosmetic procedures for the needy?