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News Report
Disaster Relief and Other Emergencies

Listening Exercises
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This is Bob Smith from Channel 13 News.

I'm at the scene of a miraculous rescue that occurred earlier today involving a fire, a 3-month-old baby, and the baby's dog, Lucky. Uh, the fire broke out at the three-story building behind me. Uh, unfortunately, we're not able to get any closer because the possibility of an explosion. Uh, however, witnesses say that they noticed fire coming from the building earlier this morning.

It was believed that everyone had been evacuated to safety; however, one of the residents, Susan O'Connor, when she had returned and noticed the fire, she panicked, realizing that her 3-month-old baby was still inside. However, witnesses report seeing the dog, uh, the family dog, pulling the baby to safety by, uh, the baby's clothes. Fortunately, everyone is reported fine. The baby was taken to the hospital, uh, as well as the dog, but we're happy to say that at this time, it looks like everyone, uh, will be fine. This is Channel 13 News.

Key Vocabulary [Top]

  • miraculous (adjective):extraordinary, suprising, or unusual
    - It was miraculous that everyone escaped from the accident unharmed.

  • occur (verb): take place or happen
    - Many miraculous events occur around the world every year.

  • break out (verb): start suddenly
    - War broke out last week in several places in that area of the world.

  • witness (noun): a person who sees something happen
    - Five witnesses saw the accident on the highway.

  • evacuate (verb): move from a dangerous place to safety
    - People need to evacuate the city when a dangerous hurricane approaches the coastline.

  • panic (verb): have a great feeling of fear or anxiety
    - Please don't panic. Everything will be okay if you stay calm.

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