General Listening Quiz

"Grocery Shopping"

Level: Topic: Speakers: Length:
intermediate supermarket shopping man - woman 2:10

Pre-Listening Exercise

Where do you or your family go grocery shopping on a regular basis? What are typical things you buy and how much does your family spend on groceries per week? (Ask your family if you don't know.) Do you ever collect supermarket coupons to buy food at a discount?

Listening Exercise

A. Listen to the recording and answer the questions.

Why did the man buy dog food at the supermarket?

Man: Ah, but he's sure friendly. And someone was giving him away at the supermarket, and I . . . I . . . I couldn't let that poor thing pass another day without a loving home.

Why does he buy tomato juice?

Man: Ahhhh. Not yet. I've decided to change my eating habits.

How much was the milk?

. . . two fifty ($2.50) for a gallon of milk . . .

Which item did the man NOT buy?

The woman is angry at the end of the conversation because ____.

Man: Oh, we . . . w . . . well. The steaks are for Herbert. Woman: Herbert. Who's Herbert? Man: Uh, he's the dog. [No!] You see, the previous owner said that he's kind of . . . he's somewhat picky about what he eats, [No!], and the steaks might help him adjust.

B. Listen to the conversation again as you read the Quiz Script.

Post-Listening Exercise

Imagine you need to go shopping for food because you are hosting a party for 30 friends, some of whom are international students from around the world. You don't have a lot of money, so cost is important to you. Thus, where would you do your shopping in your area and what kinds of food and drink would you buy for the party?

Online Investigation

Many people have shopped online for different items including electronics, clothing, and books, but few have shopped online for food and groceries. Today, more and more companies offered food delivery on grocery items including meat and dairy (milk) products. 

Use the Internet to learn more about one such company and then find this information:

  1. the company's rationale for offering grocery delivery service
  2. how this company's service is similar and/or different than at least one other competitor
  3. how prices on food items compare to those found in a local, neighborhood grocery store.