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Money Matters

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1. To whom is the man speaking?

A. his friend
B. his sister
C. his mom

Correct Answer (B). The woman says tells the man that "mom," a reference to their own mother, had loaned him money a week before. Often, possessive pronouns like "her" or "his" are used before the names of family members, but the lack of the pronoun "my" in this conversation leads us to infer that the speakers are brother and sister.

2. Which sentence would identify the man's current situation?

A. He has a lot of expenses including student loans.
B. He has a decent job, but he's looking for a new one.
C. He's in debt and is trying to borrow money.

Correct Answer (C). The man says that he has a job, but he doesn't mention anything about looking for a different job. His main problem is that he has used his credit cards a lot recently for various, unnamed purchases; unfortunately, he hasn't able to pay off his debt. He also might have debt from student loans, but he doesn't mention this, and thus we can't conclude that he does. However, we know for sure that he seeking to borrow money from his sister, as heard in the very first sentence of the conversation when he says: "Uh, could I borrow a few bucks until payday?"

3. How would you describe the man's apartment?

A. a small place with a nice view of the city
B. a spacious apartment that includes cable TV
C. an apartment downtown with free parking

Correct Answer (A). The man says that he pays "$890 on rent for the studio apartment downtown . . . not including utilities and cable TV." He also states that "the place has an awesome view of the city." A studio apartment is usually very small with one main room that functions as a bedroom, living room, and often, a dining area. His apartment is downtown, but he says nothing about free parking.

4. Which sentence best describes the man's dining practices?

A. He tries to go out to eat every night.
B. He doesn't know how to cook very well.
C. He prefers to eat alone.

Correct Answer (B). The part of the conversation that contains the answer is as follows:

Nancy: Okay. How much money do you spend on food a month?

Ron: Hmmm. I'm not really sure. I think I spend around $600. [$600?!] I go out to eat at least four times a week, so those expenses add up. I just don't enjoy eating alone, and I don't have a knack for cooking like you do.

Nancy: Well, I can understand that, but perhaps you ought to buy some microwaveable meals you could prepare at home.

Ron: Well, I guess I could.

He doesn't go out to eat every night, and he states that he doesn't like to eat alone. He also can't cook like his sister.

5. What does the woman suggest the man do at the end of the conversation?

A. He should be careful when using his credit cards.
B. He ought to get rid of his car to save money.
C. He should stop spending money on entertainment.

Correct Answer (B). The conversation is as follows:

Nancy: No, I've heard enough. You've got to curb your spending, or you'll end up broke. I suggest you get rid of your credit cards, cut back on your entertainment expenses, and sell your car. Take public transportation from now on.
From the conversation, the man's sister suggests he sell his car, or in other words, get rid of it.

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