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Getting Around by Train

Click the PLAY link and listen to the conversation. Then write missing words in the correct blanks.

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Man: Uh, where am I? Tsk, hum . . .

Woman: Excuse me. Do you (1) any help?

Man: Nah, I . . . I'm just looking . . . well . . . [Okay . . .] Uh, well, actually . . . yeah. Um . . . I want to go to the (2) museum, but I've been lost the past few hours, and I can't make heads or tails of these ticket (3).

Woman: Ah, well, just press this (4). [Oh, yeah] And from here, it's a dollar fifty.

Man: Okay.

Woman: Then, get on the train at (5) number 4.

Man: Alright. Oh, and how (6) do the trains come around this time of (7)?

Woman: Usually, they come about every (8) minutes.

Man: Okay. And where do I get off the train?

Woman: Get off at State Street Station, three (9) from here.

Man: Okay. I got it. Thanks for your help.

Woman: No (10). Good luck.

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