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Traffic Report

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This is SkyCam from Channel 11 News, reporting to you live over the (1). For those of you heading south on I-15 on your (2) home from work, expect some delays around the 215 Interchange. Road crews are making repairs on the left lane, so commuters should be prepared to (3) over to the right around 7200 South. This (4) appears to clear up at around 9600 south. You should expect such delays at least until the end of the week.

Northbound I-15 looks good until you reach around 3300 south. A (5) fender-bender, perhaps resulting from the poor (6) out there, has traffic backed up a mile or so. Also, some reports have come in on (7) of black ice on roads in that area. Forecasters predict (8) freezing rain later into the night and early morning hours. And one more note, the frigid temperatures and heavy snow in the mountains have forced a (9) of elk down into Riverside Park, so extreme caution should be taken if you are travelling around that area.

And that's all from SkyCam 11, providing you with traffic (10) on the hour.

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