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Backpacking Overseas: Opportunities to Learn Language and Culture

Backpacking around the world (or at least to parts of it) can provide the ultimate experience in language and cultural training because you see things up close and personal, and you often catch glimpse of the day-to-day lives of the people. Furthermore, rather than just trying to train your listening skills of English in the classroom, you can often meet people from around the world that speak English a little different. In the end, your language skills will be enriched for it.

Furthermore, backpacking overseas can also be an inexpensive way to traveling, giving you opportunities to stay in cheap hotels and youth hostels along the way. In short, for some students, backpacking through different counties can be the ultimate learning experience.

However, before you pack your backs and make reservations and cheap hotels in the countries you will be staying, you ought to consider the following points to prepare sufficiently for your trip, and the Internet can be one source of information:

Do your research: Read guidebooks, check on the Internet, and talk with people you know who have gone on such a trip. Find out which countries tend to accommodate backpackers in terms of accommodations, transportation fares, and attractions. In addition, check to see how widely English is spoken so you know what to expect.

Review health issues: Find out which vaccinations you will need for your trip. It is also a good idea to have a dental check up before you leave if you anticipate being gone for some time. Also, take any prescription medicine with you which may or may not be available where you are visiting.

Be safe: Don't carry all your money on you at one time. Separate your cash and traveler's. Consider keeping your money and travel documents in a pouch or wallet that can be worn around your neck and out of sight. If you meet new people, try to do so in public areas or in a group.

Contact family and friends often: With improved global communications, you can often find Internet Cafes where you can pop in and send off an email to assure people you are alright. Establish beforehand how often you will try to contact each other. In some situations, you could also use a cell phone to call or even send pictures.

So, wherever you adventure takes you, there will many exciting and challenging experiences along the way.

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