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Orientation Meeting

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Randall: Hi Faith. Do you have a (1)?

Faith: Sure. What's up?

Randall: Well, I just wanted to go over the schedule for Wednesday's orientation meeting to make sure everything is ready.

Faith: Okay. Here's a copy of the (2) schedule. [Okay.] Now, the registration starts at eight thirty and goes until nine fifteen. [Alright.] Then, the orientation meeting will commence at nine thirty.

Randall: Okay. Now, we had planned originally for the meeting to go until ten thirty, but now we have someone from the international center coming to speak to the students on extracurricular (3), so how about ending the meeting around eleven?

Faith: Fine. And, uh, then students will take the (4) tests from eleven fifteen until noon [Okay.], followed by twenty-minute break before lunch. [Okay.] And, immediately after lunch, we have reserved a campus shuttle to give students a forty-five-minute tour starting at one thirty. [Oh. Okay.] We want to show students around the university, including the union building, the library, and the student services building.

Randall: Great. Now, how about the oral interviews?

Faith: Well, we're planning to start them at two fifteen.

Randall: Uh, well, teachers are going to be up to their (5) in preparations, and they'll be hard pressed to start then.

Faith: Okay, let's get things rolling around two forty-five.

Randall: Okay, here, let me jot that down. Uh, could you (6) a pen off my desk?

Faith: Right. Finding anything on your desk is like finding a needle in a hay stack. [Oh, it's not that bad.] Here, use mine.

Randall: Okay. And we'll need a hundred and fifty copies of this program guide by then.

Faith: Hey. That's a tall order on such short (7)! How about lending me a hand to put things together [Okay.] by this afternoon so we don't have to worry about them?

Randall: Okay. And I think the manager has given the green light to go ahead and use the more (8) paper and binding for the guides this time.

Faith: Okay. So the interviews will go from two forty-five until, let's say, four thirty. [Okay.] I hope we can wrap things up by five.

Randall:Great. I think the bottom line is to keep things running (9) throughout the day.

Faith: I agree. I'll pass this schedule by the director for a (10) look.

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