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Total Solar Eclipse

Instructions: Watch this video and then answer the questions based on what you see and hear.

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Hi, I'm Randall and welcome. It's August twenty-first, two thousand and seventeen, and I'm here outside of Idaho Falls, Idaho, to witness a total solar eclipse. And solar eclipses occur throughout the world two to five times a year. Uh, there are different types of solar eclipses: a partial, an annular . . .

And when I came here this morning, uh, around 11:30, uh, well, . . . 11:30 last night . . . p.m. . . . I was the only car in this parking lot. Uh, there were two vans of, uh, television crew, but you can see all of these people that are coming to witness this event. It'll happen around 11:34 (a.m.), I think or so, at this location, and it will . . . the total solar eclipse will last about a minute and forty seconds. I'm really excited.

You want to make sure when you witness a solar eclipse that you have the proper approved, uh, solar eclipse glasses, and so I'm looking forward to this event in a few minutes.

And it should be interesting because sometimes, because the moon passes in front of the sun, that the temperature can drop a little bit as well. Let's . . . so let's see what happens.

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