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Smart Phones

Instructions: Watch this video and then answer the questions based on what you see and hear.

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Hi, I'm Randall. One of the things I like about nature is that I am far, far, far away from technology and cell phones.

One of things I find frustrating is when you're going out with friends, and they pulling . . . like at a restaurant . . . and they're pulling out their cell phones and texting or doing whatever, and you can't have a face-to-face conversation with them.

So for me, what I try to do is number one, I try to put away my cell phone in my pocket, so I'm not tempted to pull it out, or I might turn it off, or the final idea, I might just tell people that during this time to this time, I'm in an important meeting or having an important dinner, and so please do not call, and by doing so, you can improve communication, and the person feels that you're listening to them.

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