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Over the years, teachers and students have asked my advice on good language-learning materials out there, as well as my suggestions on buying MP3 players and similar electronics. Here are some of my recommendations.

Everyone knows how to play BINGO with numbers, but this version helps students learn how to tell time using the same BINGO-type game. A great tool that adds a new twist to classroom learning.
I love using the whiteboards to save paper and encourage learning. Now, with this learning set, teachers can give individual students their own whiteboard and eraser to promote learning by themselves or in groups.

Many students and teachers enjoy playing games when they are learning a new language. These game buzzers add a competitive and fun feel to the classroom.
Many teachers look for ways to reward or choose students during different classroom activities. This magnetic spinner might just be the classroom tool to help energize your classes.

No student should go without a great collocations (word combinations) dictionary. Too often, students don't know what words go together, and they sound very ackward when they speak or write. For example, we usually say "fast train," not "quick train," but we do say "quick shower," and not "fast shower." With a book like this, students are certainly able to improve their vocabulary and sound more natural a lot faster. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
I'm always looking for technology that can help students and teachers, and portable bluetooth speakers like this can certainly help. Now you can play audio from your portable device and let friends and students listen along. For example, teachers can play listening activities off my Web site on their phones and have students listen to the audio.

This is certainly one of my all-time favorite purchases and investments. This play money set is wonderful for helping students learn the US monetary system. All too often, students only use credit cards to buy things, so when they find themselves dealing with real money, they are at a loss.
This microphone is simply awesome. I do all of my recordings now with this USB microphone. It is so simply to use for podcasts or other recordings. Just plug it in and go. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
I great book on over 3,500 English idioms organized by categories such as home, school, travel, romance, and personality. I like this approach because students don't learn use random idioms in alphabetical order but idioms based on topics. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
Finding a good writing book is often a challenge, but here is one that I really like for high beginning to Intermediate students. This book helps students learn the fundamentals of writing sentences to paragraphs, which are the building blocks of great writing and essays.

Grammar in Use (Basic) is one of the best textbook series I know because the grammar explanations and examples are so clear. In fact, many teachers love this book as well for their own personal use to help them teach grammar for OTHER textbooks. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
Grammar in Use (Intermediate). See explanation above.
Grammar in Use (Advanced). See explanation above.
Oxford produces some great products, and the Oxford Picture Dictionary is one of them. Great selection of pictures and words on so many topics.
Another great picture dictionary with tons of words for many different levels.

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